Earn extra income by contributing on Termmate

If you are a teacher or professional who makes a lot of learning content, you can earn money by sharing it with students and learners on Termmate.

Contributing in 3 Steps

Free Sign Up

Sign up for free and upgrade your account to a contributor or teacher from your profile by verifying your account with some additional information

Choose what to upload

You can choose to share your documents, presentation, reasearch papers or books as well as link your YouTube videos to increase your earnings

Share and Earn

After uploading, you can share your content and start getting views on Termmate. You will start to earn based on the number of views your content gets.

Termmate helped me share my content with my students easily and also to make extra money every month. Now I have a steady additional income.

A verified teacher on Termmate

I have been able to earn money for my personal expenses by contributing on Termmate and as a student this really helps me a lot

A contributing student on Termmate

Payments made easy

Earn with content

You can earn from the views of all your public content. We pay between $1 to $5 for every 1000 views of your content, depending on the quality of the content you post

Simple withdrawal

It is an easy process with just 1 click. Once you reached the minimum withdrawal threshold you can withdraw by filling a form

Get Paid Quick

As soon as we receive your request, we take 24hrs only to process and send your funds through local mobile payment in each territory

Sharing the study material and lecture notes with my students is so easy that I tell all my colleagues to join this amazing platform. Earning from my work is also a bonus

A verified teacher on Termmate

We are here to help

We know its a priority to trust where to publish your content. After all your work is your intellectual property and that why Termmate allows you to set the privacy setting for your content
If something comes up though, we are here for you. Just drop us an email at help@termmate.com

Your personal details are secure

You choose the privacy of your content

You control your followers

You earn from your work

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